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Nisha leads team Outdoorsy India, as the Founder and Adventure Planner.

Her over 6 years of experience on tourism industry, experiences as a student in skiing and love for trekking make her a perfect teacher and travel buddy.

Being an adventurer herself, she knows how important it is to find the right place and right sport which gives you adrenaline. Your next adventure travel, holiday tour, sightseeing tour or be it pilgrimate Outdoorsy India is there to serve.

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Scuba Diving


(Snowboarding Expert)

Firdous is our charming boy with an experience of over 10 years, yes you heard it right this boy of 20 started snowboarding at a very small age and now he trains people who are double his age (and weight).

He is one of our best snowboarder with great training skills and an awesome knowledge about the trail. Join Outdoorsy India to meet this charmer and learn the best of snowboarding.



(Rafting Guide)

Sanu Dai as we call him is based in one of India’s favourite rafting destination, Rishikesh. He is one of the most talented and experienced rafting guide we have with an experience of over 20 years. Meet him and join him on your next rafting trip with Outdoorsy India



(Skiing Guide)

Basheer is one of our most calm ski guide. Simply well-behaved, calm and patient, he can explain you every single detail about skiing from the basic moves to the advance turns and jumps. He can figure out your mistakes at once and puts all his efforts to teach you and helps you improvise daily.



(Backcountry Expert)

Fayaz leads the Backcountry team, as he is one of our most dedicated and well experienced expert. He can ski down from the peak of the mountain without being able to see the trail. Well, I am saying this coz he have done that once, he knows the mountain so well that he skied down from phase 2 at around 12PM in the night without any lights (that too alone).



(Adventure Planner (Nepal))

Milas is our rafting and Kayaking expert based in Nepal, he handles all our adventure requirements within Nepal, he and his team has been a part of Outdoorsy since the operation of Outdoorsy which makes him one of our most dear ones. His history as a resident in one of the most amazing rafting spot in Nepal and a lovely village on top of the mountain in Nepal makes him he best experienced expert for adventure in Nepal. 



(Dive Expert)

Poonam is the Chief Adventure Planner for Scuba Diving.

Her 10 years of experience, dual certifications from PADI and SSI and teaching skills make her a perfect teacher and dive buddy.

Being a resident of Havelock, for the past 10 years, she knows the island’s best diving sites like the back of her hand.

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