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“Valley of Flowers” was founded by few British mountaineers who lost their way while returning from a successful expedition to Mt. Kamet. Valley of flowers also known as ‘God’s Own Garden’ is situated in Uttarakhand. The valley is covered under snow for most of the year but during summer the valley comes to life. The best time to visit Valley of Flowers is mid-August to 1st week of September, that’s when you see the valley blooming with some amazingly beautiful flowers. 

We started our journey towards Valley of Flowers on 10th of August, 2019 from Delhi. After 6-7 hours of drive, we reached to Shivpuri where we took our first-night halt. By the time we reached Shivpuri, it was pretty dark so there was nothing much to do. Next morning after breakfast at the hotel we started our journey from Shivpuri to Joshimath, the bike ride was fun, the road was bumpy and we had to stop in between as there was construction work going on the road. Almost 3 hours near our destination we were stuck for almost 3 hours as there were Landslide and the entire road was blocked. We reached Joshimath around 9:00 PM where we took our second-night halt.  

On the third day, we packed our trekking bag left some unwanted clothes and our bike at our hotel in Joshimath and hopped into our pre-booked cab with our guide. It was raining that day, We were dropped off by our driver at Pulna village which is 4 km from Govindghat (that’s where most of the people start their trek from). After reaching Pulna we were all set for our 10kms long trek. The trail is steep and stone-paved but lots of handmade stairs. In case you don’t want to trek you also have the option to take a helicopter ride till Ghangria or take Mule ride. The trail is amazingly beautiful as you can see many waterfall’s and the river passing by with some amazing scenic views. After a few breaks, we reached Ghangria.

Valley of Flower’s trek check post is 600-700 meters away from Ghangria. On the fourth day, we had our breakfast grabbed our packed lunch and started from Ghangria. The whole trek to for Valley of flowers is 6 km which is uphill and stone-paved. After reaching the top you can explore the valley as long as you want as the Valley of Flowers National Park is 8 km long. The trek isn’t really difficult, but it can be a little difficult for people who aren’t used to a lot of physical activity every day. You have an option of “Pitthu” on this trail Mule’s aren’t allowed in case you need one. In this trail, you will come across with a small waterfall within 15 minutes of the trek. After another 5 to 10 minutes, you will see a path of stones which leads you to a bridge beneath which Pushpavati river flows furiously, you can see the valley from this spot. After crossing this bridge, the hard part of the trek comes where you will have to gradually climb up and move ahead through the mountains. You will start noticing a few flowers and colourful shrubs on the way. I stopped 3-4 times in between, after that we came across a glacier waterfall. The path started becoming narrow and rocky but it was all worth it after we reached the entrance of the valley with a giant waterfall with a tiny bridge. After entering the valley there is only one straight path to explore, the path goes for 8 km straight which takes you to the Tipra glacier.

Once you reach the valley, you will start observing a variety of flowers in different colours, soon you start to appreciate the surroundings and relax on small rocks nearby the path. Listening to the sound of the waterfalls and the birds, surrounding yourself with flowers is an extremely amazing feeling. We were unlucky in between as it started getting foggy and we couldn’t see much but whatever we saw when the weather was clear was a real pleasure to our eyes. I loved the trek and it was a damn peaceful place, the valley is thousand times stupendous than you might have imagined. It truly makes the Himalayan peaks lively and cherishing.    

Auli – The Mountain keeps Calling

Before visiting this place me and my husband were like no more going to Uttarakhand as our journey towards Nainital month before via all the UP touch was not so wow. We being travel enthusiast decided let’s forget the past and explore Auli which has a different route via Haridwar and Rishikesh. Me being this tourist from Nepal unaware about any of this destination was very happy to tick few more places on my travel diaries decided to let us do it and that’s how we started out New Year 2019’s long weekend road trip from Noida to Auli.

As we left Noida after 5 PM (after finishing our jobs) we were instructed by Google to take a shortcut which landed us in a bumpy car ride. Soon after the shortcut, we reached the upper Ganga Canal road from where the real road trip began. We reached Haridwar around 10 Pm where we took our first overnight stay. The next day after breakfast we started our drive towards Auli, the roads were under constructed so we were forced few stops in between, and since it gets darker soon in the mountains we decided to take meal breaks only when we were super hungry. We reached Auli around 9 Pm after few meal breaks, it was dark already so we decided to leave the exploration for the next day and sleep.

The next morning was magical as we woke up to the view in the below picture,

We being Ski and Snowboard enthusiast decide we shall search for snow and ride the mountain even though we had to hike for more than 2 hours. We called our guide Mayank around 8 am and were ready to hike with our snowboard and backpack. As the chairlift was open we took the chairlift and then proceeded our hike towards Gorsan village where we hoped we could find snow. After we reached the village we were a bit disappointed as the snow was not as expected. We then hiked downhill reached our hotel and explored the local village. The next day we decided let’s aim for the peak and ski down the peak so we left early morning with our guide and few more hiking enthusiast. As we were a team of 6 now and only 3 were interested to go to the peak after 4 hours trek, we decided to split up. Meanwhile, my other 3 were climbing the Gorsan mountain me and my other left out partners decided to enjoy the view sit back and relax for 2 hours. After our team of 3 came back we hiked back to our hotel. The next day we had to say goodbye to Auli and drive back to Noida but after spending these 3 days here with the locals, far from the noise of our city, we had left some parts of our hearts here.

After New Year’s trip, we went back to Auli again on February, this time it was snowing more than we expected. We decide to explore Joshimath so we stayed in Joshimath. We went for a week this time,  after breakfast at our hotel we used to take the Gondola ride to Auli and ski all day long. At the end of our trip, we realised that this place has so much to offer, every time we visit here there is something new to explore, some amazing souls we meet at the mountain share our stories learn something and come back home filled with joy.

Maybe it’s the mountain that keeps calling us, we went back on March too and came back with more love towards the place.

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I have been traveling half of my life now and while it hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies, it has also allowed me to follow my true passion and calling in life. To write, to explore, and to inspire people along the way. I found my adventure in the oddest of places, like riding my ski besides my husband flying with his snowboard, trekking around the Himalayas following the footprints of Snow Leopards hoping maybe one day I could see them in front of me.

Everyone has there own favourite adventure sport in mind, here at Outdoorsy India you have many options to discover your true adventure and master in that particular sport with the help of our Professionals. Now that you know how great adventure is and being able to explore many adventure sports like Skiing, Snowboarding, Scuba Diving , Trekking, Rafting and many more on your home country makes it even easier so make sure you try them all. And don’t worry. All of these sports are held under the supervision of experts!

Skiing at Gulmarg with Outdoorsy India

Gulmarg is a town, a hill station and India’s premier ski resort located at 56 km south west of Srinagar, Kashmir. Gulmarg is in the Pir Panjals, one of the six ranges which make up the Himalayas. It is a mountain shelf which nestles under the protective 4124 metre height and 5kilometre shoulders of Mt Apharwat. From here it overlooks the Vale of Kashmir to 8126 metre Nanga Parbat and other distant peaks.

The journey to Gulmarg Kashmir is as beautiful as the place itself. Upon your arrival at Srinagar airport, you shall be escorted with our representative to Gulmarg, the uphill drive with numerous stiff curves, roads filled with snow and lush green pine tree gives you a sneak peak before reaching the valley. Gulmarg is not only a place of exceptional beauty, the mountains here are one of the best mountains for Skiing and Snowboarding across the world. Gulmarg’s gondola, ascends from the resort at 2650metres, via a mid station and restaurant at 3050metres, to an elevation of 3980metres, providing lift served access to 1330metres vertical of vast snow riding terrain. Skiing down the slopes will give you an adrenalin rush like you have never felt before. Gulmarg is as far from a typical alpine ski destination as you can get. You won’t find shiny resorts and European sensibilities here. Instead, you’ll be met by the usual Indian mayhem, a remote location and people whose warmth melts away the frigid winter.

Skiing down the slopes in Gulmarg can be a lifechanging experience to all adventure sports lovers as the slopes are left natural unlike other famous ski resorts across the world, there are numerous untouched routes which are yet to be explored, fresh powdered snow, and skiing in the Himalaya’s is just a few things which makes Gulmarg rise and shine above all the mountains. Outdoorsy India gives you choices for other sports like snowboarding, ice skating and sledge riding in Gulmarg, just incase you thought skiing only is not worth your shot.

Come join us on our upcoming trip to Gulmarg!